What It Takes To Building a Healthy Relationship- 4 Key Ways

Did you know that more than 40 percent of new marriages today are ending in divorce? This is the sad picture of the relationships in regard to the numerous difficulties facing most couples especially in working out their differences. There are evident reasons why most of these relationships are failing in such high proportions. I do not want to dwell on those reasons, rather, I will look into ways through which couples can attain healthy and ultimately a long lasting relationships.


1.Maintain an Open Communication: A healthy relationship means that couples are free to communicate whatever any party wishes as long as the communication is deemed truthful and sincere. Couples should create time every day to discuss on matters concerning their mutual well-being as this helps to cement their bond. Negative communication should be avoided at all times while corrective criticism should be done in a way that avoids chronic arguments. It is also worth to mention that golden words such as “I’m sorry” and “please” will also go a long way in keeping your relationship healthy.


2.Create Trust and Honesty: When building a life with the one you love, honesty and trust are definitely some of the most important ingredients. Healthy relationships are built on shared truth which leads to safety, trust and true intimacy. These virtues are essential in creating a strong relationship and the vital bond to keep the couple together.


3.Keep the Love Fire Burning: Wide research has shown that most couples who have reported boredom after several years together were significantly less satisfied with their relationships. It is therefore necessary that partners keep things interesting through taking part in activities such as regular dates nights, attending movies and dancing among other exciting things. Purpose to break away from routine activities such as career and family commitments once in a while to help stay connected to your partner.


4.Show Respect and Be Ready to Take Compromises: Differences and disagreements are imminent in relationships, so be ready for them. However, respect and good communication should always be your rule of thumb when settling these cases. Couples should always maintain a mutual level of commitment and strive to develop the ability to submit to their partners when such occasions arise. For a healthier and lasting bond, partners should also be appreciative of who their partner chooses to be.

Maintaining great relationships can be tricky and thus most are generally filled with ups and downs. It is, therefore, upon the decision of the involved partners to build healthy bonds by following the guidelines as highlighted above.