Double dating tips – The Do’s and Don’ts that you should never ignore

Double dates are becoming more and more popular each day as they have proven to be a lot of fun for both couples. In fact, the fun atmosphere can be made more enjoyable provided that the two couples follow the basic double dating etiquette and rules. If you are planning a double date, you are at the right place. In this brief article, I will bring you up to speed with a few do’s and don’ts that you should consider to make the double date a delightful experience.


Tip # 1.

Do: Ensure that you and your date are comfortable having the other couple

Don’t: Invite a couple that has been dating for a longer period that you.

Dates are usually planned to help couples know each other better, and what better way to know your partner than through a double date. In most cases, couples tend to open up more while conversing with other couples. In a double date, your date may reveal something that never arose in one of your previous conversations. But, double dates are not all that smooth sailing as they have their own downfalls. If you are doubling with a more serious couple who have being dating for a longer period than you, you can wind up comparing yourselves to them thus create an unpleasant atmosphere. Therefore, ensure that your double is in the same dating stage as you are.


Tip # 2.

Do: pick venues that encourage conversations

Don’t: go for a movie together

Seeing a movie may sound like a great activity to do while on a date, but the moment you enter in the theater, there are high chances that the two ladies will sit in the middle chatting while the men sit on either side just gazing at the screen. Unless you plan going out for drinks afterwards, going on a movie date is simply a one sided activity that is not ideal for socializing. Instead of going for the movie, pick venues that will offer the ideal opportunity to know each other.


Tip # 3.

Do: Involve your date when planning

Don’t: Go out with friends who their dates suck

Just like you can’t stand your snobby friend’s girlfriend or boyfriend, it is not fair to drag your date for dinner to meet him or her. Remember, double dates involve pleasing your guests as much as possible. Thus, find a double that has a lot in common with your date. Furthermore, it is not time to monopolize the entire evening, but rather, it is an opportunity for the four of you to know each other.


Tip #4

Do: Know when to call it a night

Don’t: flirt with the other person’s date

Having fun and taking alcohol does not give you the right to flirt with the other person’s date. You might end up offending your partner as well as the other couple. When one person has had one too much to drink, it’s the high time to call it a night.

Basically, these are some of the double dating tips you should never ignore. By following the above tips, you will be able to make the double date a fun and enjoyable experience that you will forever cherish.