How To Get A Hot Girlfriend If You’re Ugly

There’s a myth that only women are self-conscious about their physical appearance. That’s definitely not the truth, and you can make a compelling case that men actually have more issues about appearance than their female counterparts. Men frequently have a need to ‘compartmentalize’ appearance and label people–male and female–‘attractive’ or ‘ugly’. That’s the only explanation […]

How to Save a Sinking First Date

The mood is set. The lighting is dim, the music soothing, everything seems to be going great. The salad arrives, and then the inevitable happens. Silence. Pure, awkward silence. Keeping the conversation flowing on a first date doesn’t come naturally for everyone, but with a few key topics, anyone can maneuver through first date conversation […]

Double dating tips – The Do’s and Don’ts that you should never ignore

Double dates are becoming more and more popular each day as they have proven to be a lot of fun for both couples. In fact, the fun atmosphere can be made more enjoyable provided that the two couples follow the basic double dating etiquette and rules. If you are planning a double date, you are […]